A revolutionary cloud-based litigation management platform that is simplifying the way litigation services are bought, sold, and managed

For Law Firms and Corporations

Quickly and easily connect with a pool of service providers who have the right skills at the right value for your litigation and discovery services work.

For Service Providers

Get qualified sales leads at a lower cost of sales with an increased sales reach.


ClariLegal is a vendor management platform and marketplace that simplifies the buying of services needed for legal work that corporations and law firms require. Both buyers and service providers benefit from reduced costs, time saved, better quality, enhanced communication and improved transparency. ClariLegal allows buyers and sellers to be in control of the work instead of the work controlling them.


Our RFP Library matches jobs to service provider’s specialized skills and abilities in real time. Our Line Item Bidding Tool is used by service providers to quickly price and bid on jobs based on a buyer’s specific needs.
Scope jobs in minutes—not hours
ClariLegal ensures that bids from qualified service providers contain common language and defined line items for easy comparison.


ClariLegal’s RFP Builder provides customized templates to allow corporations and law firms to quickly and efficiently create targeted proposals for work. Our Scope Creation Tool allows companies and law firms to accurately scope a job in minutes. Our Scope Creation Tool allows companies and law firms to accurately scope a job in minutes.
Identify the right vendors
Getting access to jobs that match service providers’ capabilities is not always easy. With ClariLegal’s RFP Library, service providers are matched to jobs according to their specialized skillset, and are immediately notified when jobs become available. The Line Item Bidding tool allows service providers to make accurate and clear bids, saving hours in the process.


An “apples to apples” Bid Comparison Matrix allows you to compare line item pricing, capabilities, and RFP information submitted by qualified service providers. Once you review and select the best bid, ClariLegal will automatically generate a Statement of Work (SOW).
Get the best value
Comparing competing bids can be frustrating. With ClariLegal, corporations and law firms evaluate bids using the “apples to apples” bid comparison matrix of line item pricing, capabilities and RFP information submitted by qualified service providers. Upon selecting the best value bid, ClariLegal automatically generates a SOW that reflects all pertinent information about the buyer, service provider and job – acting as a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between parties.
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