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What Others Are Saying About ClariLegal

“ClariLegal has given our firm the ability to handle complex discovery matters, while saving our clients money on both vendor expenses and attorney time. The platform is easy to use, and has reduced cost on every job which we have put out for bid.”

Scott M Zanolli
Pierce & Mandell, P.C.

“I have found ClariLegal to be an excellent resource for deep insight into e-discovery vendor selection and process management. ClariLegal provided a clear picture of the competitive landscape for the litigation services market, with apples to apples pricing/service offering comparisons as well as assistance to understand various optional services. By using ClariLegal we saved a significant amount of time and money on our litigation e-discovery and gained expert insight.”

General Counsel
Publicly Traded Internet Company

“ClariLegal is great and just what this industry needs. We would require our law firms to use ClariLegal to take advantage of the cost and time savings and pass them along to us and their other clients.”

Assistant General Counsel for Litigation
Large Healthcare Corporation

“We needed to find a qualified vendor—it took us over two months. ClariLegal identified and introduced us to truly qualified vendors in under two days.”

Large Financial Services Company

“We have been tasked with reducing legal costs and I believe ClariLegal will help us meet our goal through competitive bidding and its vendor management capabilities.”

Director of Finance in General Counsel Office
Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

“We have a need to build out a robust and efficient RFP process for sourcing litigation services that comply with corporate requirements. We need to increase the pool of qualified service providers to drive down costs through competitive bidding as our clients demand. ClariLegal helps solve these problems for us.”

Manager of Litagation Support
Amlaw 100

“I can use ClariLegal to manage all of the litigations going on at my 20-plus sites around the country. Currently, my local managers each send individual spreadsheets to me and I combine them into one report. ClariLegal will save me time gathering operational data and the dashboard will instantly notify me when projects are having time, quality or budget issues.”

Director of Litigation and eDiscovery Services
Amlaw 100

“I have a fiduciary responsibility to my clients to save them money, even though this tends to be a pass through cost. There is no downside to using ClariLegal to achieve this result.”

Managing Partner
Litigation Boutique

“We we able to bid on three jobs collectively worth over $150,000 in less than 30 minutes and we heard back–24 hours after we submitted our bids–that they were accepted!”

Director of Consulting
MT Michigan