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ClariLegal for Law Firms

We help you keep your existing clients happy through competitive bidding that gives you an advantage.

ClariLegal knows law firms have two priorities: retaining and acquiring customers. Consequently, ClariLegal offers firms a competitive advantage by strengthening vendor relations and simplifying procurement of eDiscovery or other services to allow for better customer relations and attraction.

We can help!

  • Create one comprehensive, well-organized RFP

  • Get responses from many vendors, including your preferred vendors

  • Make informed decisions with easy price comparisons

  • Provide transparency and cost efficiency for clients


Law firms will benefit from implementation of our proven ClariLegal platform through enriched client relationships driven by collaborative vendor management, decreased pass-through costs, and transparent project tracking and communication processes.


Shared decision making to identify and select vendors with the best value.


See every step of the project.


Reduce your overall project cost.

Typical Services Offered by Vendors

ClariLegal helps solidify the relationship between law firms and their clients by collectively deciding on vendor selection. ClariLegal also provides litigation consulting and assessments.

  • Information Governance

  • ESI Processing

  • Hosted Review

  • Contract Attorney Review

  • Consulting Services

  • Data Collection

  • Scanning & Printing

  • Early Case Assessment

  • Cyber Security

  • Litigation Assessments

  • Forensic Accounting

  • Document Coding

  • Technology Assisted Review

  • Managed Services

  • Legal Software Comparison

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“RFP Process And Competitive Bidding”

“We have a need to build out a robust and efficient RFP process for sourcing litigation services that comply with corporate requirements. We need to increase the pool of qualified service providers to drive down costs through competitive bidding as our clients demand. ClariLegal helps solve these problems for us.”

Manager of Litigation Support, Amlaw 100