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Innovation And The Law: Technology To Assist With The Dreaded RFP Process

Ediscovery columnist Kelly Twigger discusses a powerful new tool to help more clients get better access to services.

It’s no secret that the process of drafting, receiving and responding to an RFP for ediscovery services is met with angst from both sides.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: a client puts out a complex, often very thick RFP document that the client thinks asks all the pertinent questions, and the responding party looks at the document and has dozens of questions to truly understand the scope of what the client is looking for and needs. The client may hold an hour-long Q&A on the phone in which none of the responding parties want to ask questions for fear of giving information to the other responding parties. Or, even better, the client allows the responding parties to submit written questions and then provides the answers only to the party who submitted them. Then the responding parties spend hundreds of hours responding to the full request knowing they have a less than 20% chance of success. Oy.

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